Copyrighted Content

The content on my website is protected by copyright law. This also includes photo’s of me (Sophie The Pigeon), It is not allowed to “just grab” photo’s of me and post them elsewhere, edit them or even sell them. You would need permission from me or my pet human(s) to do so. Obviously it is allowed to re-tweet, link or otherwise share publicly posted content (linking to where it is actually posted) and I would even be grateful if you do so 😀

However please do not steal my photo’s or content, because my pet humans will have to enforce copyright law on issues. If you would for example like to use one of my photo’s in a magazine, on a website, packaging or anywhere else, then you can always contact us via my Pigeon Email form but please never assume it’s “just okay” to do so.

8-Bit Sophie Logo Trademark
My logo (“The 8-Bit Sophie“) is also copyrighted and actually an official Trademark of XNL Future Technologies and my Pet Humans, it is not allowed to (re-)use my 8-Bit logo anywhere else without explicit permission.

Other Copyright related information
Lots of my content is posted as ‘free of charge’, it however does not mean that it’s “just up for grabs”. Meaning that the fact that I’ve delivered it for ‘free’ to you, doesn’t automatically mean that you can do “whatever you want” with it. Most publications, releases, projects/products and files will have their own license and usage terms accompanied with them. This for example means that you are not allowed to take one of my 3D models and start selling it (either as altered or unaltered digital version or physically), unless otherwise stated.

I might now and then use third-party content on my website, when I do this it will be with explicit, permission or in the context of ‘free-press’ or demonstrative/illustrative purposes. If you think that I have used your content without permission please contact me. And we will contact you as soon as possible about the issue.

If you feel like I have (accidentally) infringed your copyright with one of my posts or releases, please make sure to contact me so I could possibly resolve this issue. I have no intention (in anyway) to (purposefully) infringe anyone’s copyrights.

Please do keep in mind that if I have placed an link or logo to your website or product that it WAS genuinely an honest recommendation because I either like(d) the brand, company, the quality or more of the alike. If I am for any reason obliged to remove a brand (which I genuinely just wanted to endorse from my side) I will most likely make a (public) post about it when people start asking why I removed that link/reference. And I will be 100% transparent about why or whom asked me to take down the friendly endorsement/recommendation.

If your logo (either brand, product or company) or (brand/trademark) name has been mentioned in a (either positive or negative) review/post (or one which hasn’t gone like you wanted it to go), or you have an complaint that I am pointing out a flaw/problem with a product, brand(name) and you want me to remove the video, (blog)post, photo’s, article or whatever.. Sorry that isn’t going to happen. I will then appeal and use the following rights: Fair Use, Editorial Rights and the Freedom of the press. It is however never my intention to just ‘randomly slander’ people, brands or products. IF however one of my publications contains important and/or significant factual errors/mistakes, then please do not hesitate to contact me so I might be able to rectify such situations with an post update (where possible) or by for example posting/publishing an followup.

However: published content will in general NOT be taken down anymore. Published videos CAN’T be edited without taking down the entire video/publication which is something I in general will not do! I don’t hide my mistakes and neither will I hide yours (in case of an bad review for example).