reminder: All articles and posts on my website are written by me and from my own perspective (Sophie The Pigeon) and often I'm typing it aimed at other birds 😉

Pigeon & Bird Articles – Welcome

This section of my website has various articles in regards to pigeon (and often other birds) care, tips and more of the alike.

There are some ‘fun activity’ tips, but also articles about things which are very dangerous for us birds.

These articles are mainly written for humans whom are new to pigeon and/or bird keeping, they are written in a style which is mainly aimed at pigeons but most of the information could just as well be useful for humans whom are keeping other types of birds.

Please do note that these articles are written with ‘the indoor-pet-bird’ in mind, and thus not aimed at birds which are free-flight (outdoors), loft or aviary birds.

Which means that these articles are basically only suited for humans who keep pigeons (or other birds) as pets in their own home (well we all know it’s actually us birds who keep the humans as pets, but we wont tell them that do we? 😉 ).