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  • My Sophie The Pigeon Harness – From bra to pigeon harness
    I’m very excited to annonce that me and my pet humans have finally finished the Sophie The Pigeon Harness ‘project’, the tutorial PDF about it, and the 45 minutes tutorial video about it…
  • HELP My pigeon is going bald (on it’s belly)!
    Is what you might think when you are seeing this for the first time on your (pet) pigeon right? Well honestly this title is little bit ‘click-bait-like’ in an attempt that people whom…
  • I got a Mini Me (Crochet Sophie The Pigeon)
    Disclaimer: The Mini Me mentioned (and shown) in this article is not sponsored, and neither is this post. My pet humans just ordered it (and paid for it) normally. However something else (amazingly)…

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