My Friends

My Friends

On this page you’ll find some of my (best) friends. These friends are notjust” followers of my social media (channels) but other birds which I really enjoy watching (on social media for example), and where I and my pet humans actually have active/direct contact with frequently (or with their pet humans (privately)). Please do note that if we have became friends but you (or your human(s)) are not (yet) on this page, then this does not mean I or my pet humans don’t consider you friends πŸ™‚ We are just very busy and it’s possible that we haven’t gotten to updating this page yet πŸ™‚

Little Cloud and HP

HP is a white dove which flew into the care of her lovely human while she was still a fledgling while Little Cloud was still being incubated by his parents. Little Cloud (the male pigeon shown in the snow) is a mixed breed pigeon. The difference in size between “Little ” Cloud and HP (the much smaller Dove) is nothing compared to the love which these two birds have for each other. They are absolutely adorable birds to watch and it’s definitely worth it to checking out their twitter page. I myself (and so do my pet humans) truly enjoy watching their photo’s and video’s 😍.

Their human parent (which also helps them manage their Twitter like my pet humans help me with mine), started rescuing pigeons in 2019, then she adopted Little Clouds grandparents. And like all other humans whom share their love and time with us pigeons to give us a better home, I would like to thank her for doing so πŸ₯°.


Note: All three photo’s are 100% copyright of Little Cloud, HP and their human parent, and are placed with permission.

Oliver & Gracie and their human Gina

Oliver (Black and white, male) and Gracie (White Frillback, female) are two rescue pigeons which have been taken in by their human Gina after they had been rescued by a bird rescue from a Roadside Zoo (which are quite ‘infamous‘ in the United States in regards to their animal housing). Oliver was the first one to find it’s new home at Gina, and shortly after Gracie also followed. Now there are living happily together with their human Gina. Since then Oliver and Gracie are fully devoted to each other and enjoy being together with Gina. They are two very lovely pigeons of which I really enjoy their content. My pet humans often have conversations about us and exchange tips with their human Gina both on and off Twitter.

X (Formerly Twitter):

Note: All photo’s are 100% copyright of Gracie and placed with permission.

Snowflake (my oldest pigeon friend alive)

Snowflake (also known as The Mr Snowflake) is a beautiful dove which hatched in 1986! Making him even a year older as my pet human 😳 He doesn’t post very often, but let’s give him a break, on his age he has much more important things to do than worrying about our “youngster gadgets” like computers πŸ˜‰ Like for example cuddling with his human (called Girl), keeping his pretty little feet cozy and warm on his heated pad and making sure to preen enough for handsome online posts πŸ₯°

If you love pigeons (and doves) as much as I do, then he’s definitly worth checking out and following on X (formerly twitter)πŸ₯°

X (Formerly Twitter):

Note: Snowflake’s photo is copyright of Snowflake & Girl and Snowflake is placed on this page with permission.

Birds (and their human(s)) I’m a big fan of

I’m not direct (personal) friends with the birds (and/or their humans) listed here (yet), meaning that we don’t have (frequent) direct and private contact often, but me and my pet humans do really enjoy watching their content (photo’s or video’s). Obviously I’m also a big fan of my friends (which are already listed above), but it’s kinda pointless to put them on this page twice πŸ˜‰

Emma and Ezra

Emma (White, female) and Ezra (Black & White, male) are two rescue pigeons which have been given a new chance by their lovely human(s). Me and my pet humans really enjoy looking at photos and video’s of this absolutely adorable couple. They are almost the ‘perfect example’ of a Pigeon Marriage πŸ₯°

If you want to see a very adorable pigeon couple, you just need to check out (and follow) their Twitter account πŸ˜€

X (Formerly Twitter):

Note: The photo’s are 100% copyright of Emma and Ezra (and their human) (EmmaAndEzra1), we do not claim any copyright!

Wendy and her Owls

Okay, technically I’m not following just one bird or a ‘bonded couple’ with this one, and neither is this account actually ran by a bird. But I just really love to look at Wendy’s beautiful owl photo’s every morning together with my pet humans. YES I’m aware that Owls can often be dangerous to us pigeons, but these are really really cute and beautiful to look at πŸ₯°, I promise.

X (Formerly Twitter):

Also make sure to check out Wendy’s Flickr account, she had posted very beautiful photo’s there also:

Note: Photo is 100% copyright of Wendy (geococcyxcal) and placed with permission of Wendy.

Masha the pigeon

Masha the Pigeon is a super adorable, big fluffy goofball. She and her humans post lots of funny antics and cute moments of Masha on her twitter and Instagram. She’s has a big adorable factor like you haven’t seen before. Me and my pet humans could spend hours watching her collect zip-ties or getting herself in ‘awkward situations’.

X (Formerly Twitter):

Note: Photo is 100% copyright of Masha the Pigeon (and her humans) (PigeonMasha_), we do not claim any copyright!

Wrinkle The Duck (seDUCKtive)

I just LOVE to look at this beautiful and adventures duck. She goes everywhere with her humans, visits the most interesting places, goes places no duck has ever gone before and has even ran two marathons and won a medal!
Well as you can imagine, this amazing and lovely duck is a true inspiration for a pigeon like me 😍

If you also would like to see more of Wrinkle and her humans, then make sure to check out their social media channels and website(s):
X (Formerly Twitter):
Website & Shop:

Note: Photo is 100% copyright of Wrinkle The Duck, seDUCKTIVE and her humans, we do not claim any copyright!


All photo’s on this page (except those of me like in the banner for example) belong to the birds (and their humans) shown in the photo, I nor my pet humans claim any copyright on these photo’s. The copyright of the shown birds (and/or their humans) belong to them. These photo’s are placed with permission (in the friends list) or as ‘editorial content’ when it’s for “Birds (and humans) I’m a big fan of” section. There is no copyright infringement intended in anyway. If I or my pet humans have placed a photo in the “Birds (and humans) I’m a big fan of” section without your permission, and you want us to take it down, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will work this out nicely πŸ™‚

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