Merchandise Shop Information

I make use of the XNL Future Technologies Merchandise Shop, however before ordering there or considering to create an account, there are a few things you should know first.

Third-party merchandise shop partner

The merchandise shop is not run by XNL Future Technologies, by me, or my pet humans at all! It’s basically just an account which XNL Future Technologies has at where I have created my ‘custom merchandise’. I (not do my pet humans) do not handle, process or ship ANY order you make in our merchandise shop.

Merchandise Shop Privacy Policy

Due to the fact that my merchandise shop partner (Spreadshirt) takes care of all ‘merchandise business’, you should also consider consulting their privacy policy if you’re planning to order at their website or our ‘sub web-shop’ there. All data entered there and orders made there are subjected to their privacy policy and not mine!

Handling of payments, orders, returns and refunds

When ordering from our Spreadshirt Merchandise shop, you directly order from Spreadshirt and not from me. I do not handle your payment(s), product production, shipment or returns and refunds in any way.

As even stated on the website of ‘our’ shop:

“This online shop operates from a platform provided by Spreadshirt ( AG).Spreadshirt is responsible for the technical functioning of this site and the processing of your order.

When placing an order in this online Shop, the buyer exclusively enters into a contract with AG and not with the Shop operator. The General Rules & Conditions of AG apply exclusively to any order placed.”

NOTE: This text in the quote above is placed on that page by Spreadshirt, and we can not change, add or remove text from this section.

To make sure it is clear for all users and possible buyers: Me and my pet humans do not handle and refunds, complaints or payments from this merchandise shop, any and all complaints, refunds or returns should be dealt with via Spreadshirt directly.

The designs, product choices and availability

All designs in our (shared) Spreadshirt merchandise shop are 100% our own and my designs or they are either used (either partially or in it’s whole) with permission or with license. It is not allowed to use the images, designs or logo’s in any other way than via our spreadshirt shop. The designs are copyrighted by either XNL Future Technologies, TeamXNL, Sophie The Pigeon or R.Reijenga (unless otherwise stated).

Which products are available or not is partially up to me, and mostly up to Spreadshirt (the ‘shop provider’). Sometimes the shop-provider suddenly adds or removes products, which might cause the shop to show certain designs on ‘strange products’. For example a ‘large logo/design’ sized down A LOT on some sort of new cap, hat, mug etc.

Same goes for availability and/or stock of items, so it for example has absolutely no use to email us with questions like: “Hey, I want this design for my Sony/Samsung etc Android phone as phone cover, can you please add it to the store?”

Because in 99.9% (just assume 100% here though!) we have to say “No sorry, the shop provider is ‘in control’ in deciding what is available and possible to order/print”

“Profits” from the merchandise store

The Dutch text translate to: Sales price is equal to base price.

I currently do not earn ANY profits and/or commissions from the Merchandise shop (at all!), I even haven’t added my payment information in the store so even if they would try to ‘pay me’ I would not receive anything at all. IF we ever change this in the future and we do add a (small) commission on the merchandise, we will make a clear statement about this on our page and/or blog, and we will update this page accordingly.

Reason for this is that we (mainly Rico) just like to make designs and make then available for the public, our members and ‘the fans’. This is also why the prices of products in our merchandise shop are often (much) lower than in other merchandise shops hosted at spread-shirt. If you order from our merchandise shop you only pay the ‘base price’ to Spreadshirt and thus €0.00/$0.00 to us.

Some remarks/questions you might have:
I want to buy something there (just) because the design is awesome.
Well thanks, that’s awesome and you’re welcome to do so! 🙂 If you don’t mind you could even send me a tweet with a photo of your merch (either you wearing it or not, that’s all up to you) at my Twitter and I even might retweet it 🙂

I want to buy something to show support to you.
Awesome, and if you do, you basically are supporting me when you’re wearing it. This due to the ‘exposure’ of the designs and or logo’s you’re showing while walking around with it 🙂 Thanks! 😀

I want to buy something (just) to support you ‘financially’.
Well if you “just” want to buy something to support us ‘by the earnings’ from the merchandise then: Please DON’T BUY it/them!
This might sound odd, but I really don’t earn any commission on the merchandise, the fact that people are (proudly) wearing it is ‘the bonus’ for me and my pet humans already 🙂 But in financial gains, there is absolutely no gain in it for me or my pet humans.

Strange reviews or mentions about (high) prices in the reviews

Yes, you might also have noticed that… euhm… well…. euhm…
Nah, just kidding: Those reviews at my products in OUR merchandise store are not just our reviews!

For some reason Spreadshirt finds it necessary to collect all reviews about one product from all stores which sell that product (but with their own design on it, and with their own price) and show those reviews also along the same (base!) product at all other shops. Sounds complicated I guess, well let me try to explain it a bit more clearly:
Let’s say Shop A sells a T-shirt with a blurry/low quality image on it, and has it priced at $40,-
We also sell that same (base) T-shirt, but with our own high quality/resolution image on it, and have it priced at a base price of $17,-

Then it is still VERY likely that you will see a ‘one star review’ underneath our $17,- shirt which says:
“Quality of shirt is good, the print is very blurry and personally feel like $40,- is to much for this merch”.

The “messed-up thing” here is that we for example never even had that shirt with a blurry image/logo and definitely not for a price of $40,-

Reviews on fabric quality, sizes matching etc are often accurate per product, because this is generally about the ‘base product’ itself.

So please keep this in mind when ordering there!

Merchandise Discounts

We in general don’t do (and can’t do) discounts on our merchandise store, due to the simple fact that we’re running a non profit store there basically also is no commission from which we can ‘chip-off’ a discount for you.

But if you would add a small commission to each sale, then you can give discounts right?
Well yes and no, then I would be able to give discounts on the commission percentage/amount I’ve added, so in essence you would still pay more than the base price at which the merchandise is being offered now.

SOMETIMES (at least in the past this was the case!) I get some discount offers, coupons or codes which also apply to the base price, when this happens, I will obviously post about this on for example our blog page 🙂 And if I only get something like ‘five discount codes’, I can for example make a small poll to see if there are enough people interested or do a ‘mini giveaway round’. I’ll have to determine that per ‘event’ and what’s possible, this also depends on the demand (or lack of demand) and availability.

I’ve seen another shop which has ‘clearly stolen’ your design(s)!

Well if you are absolutely certain that another shop has ‘stolen my or our design(s)’ then please don’t hesitate to contact us, so me and my pet humans can look into this matter. Because despite the fact that I have a ‘non-profit store’, me and my pet humans do still (fully) enforce our copyright(s) where applicable of course.

So in advance: Thank you for bringing this to our attention.