Terms And Conditions

You are welcome to fly around on my website as you please, and even to leave a comment here and there, however there are some ‘rules’ tied to the use of my website and placing comments on it.

The Terms And Conditions are basically put the ‘Rules of my website’ when you’re using it 🙂

Me and my pet humans could make a huge legal document of this page, but we decided not to do so, instead we decided to just put a ‘simple to understand’ set of rules on this page. When commenting or interacting with/on my website you are expected to obey by these rules (and thus you automatically accept these rules).

The ‘rules‘ for using my website:
– Be nice to other visitors when commenting or replying to a comment.
– Keep this very important rule in mind: If you don’t have anything nice to say, then just don’t say anything at all 😉
– Do not spam (in anyway), SOMETIMES ‘self promotion’ (for example mentioning your own ‘Bird Twitter’ account/page) would be allowed, but this must be in-context of the page/post you are commenting on. (In other words: Companies: Do not spam your products/brands if I post about a certain item).
– Do not steal content (including but not limited to posts, information, photo’s, images, projects or other any content) and re-post it elsewhere without proper credits or by claiming it is yours. NOTE: The photo’s of me (Sophie The Pigeon) are 100% copyrighted and need written permission to be used elsewhere!
– Most of this basically already falls under the ‘be nice’ rule but the comments section of my website (where possible) has forbidden topics which are: Sexuality (as in sex, pornographic stuff etc), politics, racism, hate, cryptocurrency, NFT promotion, and basically anything not directly related to the content on my website or the post the comments are about.
– Stay on-topic, meaning that when I for example have a blog post where I bought a nice plant from a certain store that you don’t start a ‘massive political campaign’ why I should have boycotted that store. Or for example if my post was about bird seeds that you start a random ‘comment topic’ about car tires (just to give a completely random example).
– No promoting and/or sharing of any type of illegal content in any way.
– You are not allowed in any case to disclose any personal information about anyone (including yourself) publicly in my comments (or anywhere else on my website where that would be possible).
– When using and posting comments on my website you agree to the fact that I and my pet humans reserve ALL rights to withheld comments or to remove comments without having to give you a reason to why we did this.
– You do need to realize that me and my pet humans are very busy, and that it sometimes can take quite some time before we have time to approve comments, so please be patient.
– Ow and lastly (but it was basically already covered by the other rules): No animal cruelty in any way.

And the last one which is legally important to know:
Using any information, tutorial, project etc on or from my website (including other pages I might have linked to) is simply put: Use at your own risk. I (and my pet humans) will not accept any liability or responsibility of you using information, projects or any other content from my website or linked websites. When using the information, tutorials, projects or any other content on or from my website (including pages I might have linked to), you accept full responsibility for doing so.

Thank you for understanding and I hope you have a great time on my website,
Sophie The Pigeon.