Returns & Refunds

Basically I do not sell anything so there is also nothing to refund or returns in any way 😉 . I just provide content, files, project, tips, how-to’s and tutorials and more of the alike. However these all come with their own license and/or terms and conditions.

TIP: Make sure to check out my Terms and Conditions and the individual licenses and/or disclaimers for the projects, files, content or products you’re using.

Obviously if there would ever be any product or services provided to you by me or my pet humans (either by sale or contractual agreement), the terms agreed upon such a sale and/or purchase will be ‘the active agreement’.

Merchandise shop returns and refunds
Please consult the Spreadshirt Merchandise Shop Information page on the in regards to refunds and returns for merchandise. I do not receive ANY profit or from the merchandise shop at all. The (XNL Future Technologies) Merchandise Shop which (also) hosts my merchandise is setup to be 100% non-profit. So the prices listed there are exactly the same prices which we would pay.

Refunds for Projects, products files or otherwise obtained via links on my website
If you have downloaded, bought etc files, projects, products or anything else via a link on my website at another website, platform, store etc, then you should (obviously) refer to that particular website, platform, store etc for it’s return and refund policy. This is kinda obvious, but I just wanted to state this to prevent any misunderstandings.