My Sophie The Pigeon Harness – From bra to pigeon harness

I’m very excited to annonce that me and my pet humans have finally finished the Sophie The Pigeon Harness ‘project’, the tutorial PDF about it, and the 45 minutes tutorial video about it 😃!

It took us over 465 days to complete everything😱. This however also includes the initial design, ‘test versions’, re-designing it several times, then testing it a bit more and after that again re-designing it a bit for my comfort, while also at the same time documenting everything for the tutorial(s). And these 465 days of course also include shooting additional footage for the tutorial video, making my human do the narration of the video, and everything else in regards of this amazing project🥰.

With this awesome harness I can now safely tag along with my pet humans to all kind of adventures to see more of the world, it also allows me to get lots of flying exercise (due to the leash(es) we use) which is great for my overall health and happiness🥰

For the design of my Sophie The Pigeon Harness my human choose to use bra’s for the ‘main components’ of the harness. The shoulder straps are used to make the harness itself, the rings which normally connect the shoulder-straps to the bra itself are used as leash connection rings and one of the ‘shoulder strap adjustment sliders’ is actually re-purposed to be able to adjust the belly band size of my harness😊.

Next to a bra you will also need a buckle clip, you can get them online for just a few cents each (we even bought 60! of them at once for about €6 including shipping). This means that if you would for example use thrift shop bras (considering you would only use the shoulder straps anyway), that you could with a bit of luck make a harness for your pigeon(s) for less than $5 each. Especially considering that we can get ‘my bra’s’ for around €2 at thrift shops 😊

Me and my pet humans really hope that all this effort will be worth it to help other rescue pigeons to get (more) outdoor time safely with their pet humans🥰

You can find the project, video and more in the links bellow 🥰

Project Tutorial PDF free to download and video available publicly also
Me and my pet humans decided to share the entire project for free (as in free of charge), so that as much (non-releasable) pigeons can enjoy being outside (again)🥰 Me and my pet humans would however really like to request you to like the video and to subscribe to both our YouTube channels to help our channels grow and to ensure we can keep making content and projects like this in the future🥰❤️

The Main Project Page (Here you can also download the PDF tutorial)
The YouTube Tutorial Video (On my own YouTube Channel)
The YouTube Channel of my Pet humans (XNL Future Technologies – The developers/inventors of my Sophie The Pigeon Harness)

If you are interested to see more of me, then I would like to recommend (and request🥰) you to check out my own social media pages:

Thank you very much for reading and for your interest in my Sophie The Pigeon Harness
Much Love,
Sophie The Pigeon 🕊️🪶

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