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I got a Mini Me (Crochet Sophie The Pigeon)

The Mini Me mentioned (and shown) in this article is not sponsored, and neither is this post. My pet humans just ordered it (and paid for it) normally. However something else (amazingly) did came out of this order, which I will tell you about in the article itself)

Today I received a package from Maryleen which goes by HandMadeMiniBirdies on Instagram, it was a crochet Mini Me😍!

My humans had seen several of the other birds she had made on her Instagram page, and after they visited her Etsy page (https://madebymaryleen.etsy.com), they decided to contact Maryleen via private messaging on Instagram to ask if she could make a mini version of me🥰

They did however had some ‘demands’ (well wishes would be a more appropriate word though) when they would order a ‘Mini Me’ from Maryleen:

  • It needed to be in the same color scheme as me, meaning:
    • Soft Pinkish beak
    • Brown wings BUT white flight feathers
    • Entire body white
  • It needed to have my Frill (the Jabot/bow/fluff on my chest)
  • It needed to have my ‘peak crest’ (on top of my head)
  • and it also needed to have my ‘mustache’ (the brown line under my eyes

Especially the Frill, peak crest and brown line under my eyes where very important for it to be a real ‘Mini Me‘. Especially because the ‘mustache’ under my eyes is actually “officially” a “breed impurity/imperfection”, meaning it’s quite unique to me and it actually “officially” doesn’t belong there. But those details would instantly make it very recognizable as “Sophie The Pigeon” 🥰

Literally within a matter of seconds Maryleen said (without even a second to doubt) that she would be able to make the Mini Me for my pet humans 😍

So my humans and Maryleen discussed some additional details and then they (privately) sent some closeup photo’s of me to Maryleen so she had a good reference to work with🥰.

A while later we received a very beautifully packaged package:

By the packaging alone we could already tell that Maryleen had put quite some effort, time and love into her product 🥰. But of course it was not about the packaging, it was about what was in this lovely package. and that was this beautifully made Mini Sophie:

And as you can see, all the details my pet humans had requested are perfectly included in the Mini Me 😍

If you like you can even watch a video of me and my pet humans unpacking it for the first time on YouTube here. We really hadn’t seen it before at all, and the unboxing in the video is actually the first time me and my pet humans where seeing it 🥰.

Want a crochet version of your own bird?

That is very well possible, head over to Instagram, follow HandMadeMiniBirdies and contact her 🥰 You can also visit her Etsy Shop directly to see if she doesn’t already have a bird in her inventory which looks (almost) exactly like your bird🥰. UPDATE: You can now also see a video of me (vigorously🤣) testing it and announcing that it has gone live in Maryleen’s store here.

But her shop says she is taking a break!?

Yes, that is very well possible, please understand that Maryleen is making all those birds herself by hand and each one is made special to order. And due to her amazing quality and lovely service it quite often happens that she gets to many orders at once which means that she will have to ‘close the shop’ for a (short) while to ensure that new orders don’t have to wait too long 🥰. Me and my pet humans would then recommend to just check back a bit (a few days or so) later to see if she has reopened the shop again 🥰. You could of course also click on the ‘Email me when they’re back‘ button in her Etsy Shop, or contact her on her Instagram page to ask her if you can be put on a ‘waiting list’ so that she can take your order in when she is ready to take new orders again😊. Do however keep in mind that making all these cute birdies does take quite some time, and she also has to take care of several pigeons and parrots which live with her, so it can sometimes take a while until she is able to respond. Therefor we would like to recommend you to just use the ‘Email me when they’re back‘ button. Just patient because I can tell you: It is well worth the wait 🥰

You said something amazing came from this order?

Yes indeed, I did say that😊! Maryleen is now selling Officially Licensed Crochet Sophie The Pigeon’s in her Etsy Store(s). You can check out more information about them on my Product page here😊.

Maryleen’s Links

Her Instagram: @HandmadeMiniBirdies
Her Etsy Shop: https://madebymaryleen.etsy.com
Her Second Etsy Shop: https://pigeonsparadise.etsy.com
Her Pigeon’s Instagram: @Its_me_bintje)
Her African Grey Parrot’s their Instagram: @The2GreyParrotBoys

Thank You

Thank you for your interest in my Pigeon Blog and I hope you enjoyed my article about my the Crochet Mini Me made by Maryleen 😊

Hope to see you next time again,
Sophie The Pigeon🕊️🪶

NOTE: Yes, this post is also in the category ‘Sponsored, Gifts and Promotion’ (despite it saying at the top that it’s not sponsored), it indeed is not sponsored, but I’ve put it in this category as promotion for Maryleen’s shop and for and the upcoming “Mini Me’s” in her Etsy Shop😊

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