Sophie’s Fallout Bed (A Fallout Pigeon Bed)

My pet human made something SUPER COOL for me🥰!

A Fallout Themed/Inspired Pigeon bed!

It’s basically a real human bed made to scale for me (and other pigeons) with a style inspired by a bed from the game Fallout New Vegas it’s DLC Dead Money (a game of which both my humans are a BIG fan on).

The bed is made entirely by my human (and it’s not exported from the game!), and designed to be as pigeon safe as possible when put together (no toxic glue’s or paints required AT ALL🥰)



Because my human knows how much I love getting into their bed every chance I get (despite the fact that I’m usually not allowed to 😛 ) and that they are huge Fallout fans, they decided to make me my own bed.

And coolest thing of all: It’s Fallout Themed, and is actually made like a real human bed but to scale and 3D printable.

You also put it together like a real human bed 🥰.

You can watch a video of my pet human putting it together here on his YouTube channel.

And I have also uploaded a video myself where I show my new bed to the world on my own YouTube Channel here🥰


I do unfortunately have to disappoint  my parrot bird friends and say it’s not suitable for them. Because this is a 3D printed/printable project, me and my pet humans would (strongly) like to recommend to only make/use this bed for non destructive and non chewing birds like us pigeons. Do however also make sure to watch the disclaimer at the end of the video made by my pet human before even making this bed🥰

Where to download

You can download my Sophie’s Fallout Pigeon Bed here

Additional 3D Printing tip
For 3D printers with a common heat bed size (around 220mm) you can rotate the larger parts by 45 degrees so that you can print them without scaling at all.

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Thank you very much for your time,
Much Love,
Sophie The Pigeon🕊️🪶