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Welcome – Work in Progress

Well, welcome to my blog 🙂

My blog is written by me (Sophie The Pigeon) and also (mostly) from my perspective. Most of the time I will be typing aimed at other birds, or their humans. My website and blog are intended to be informational, educative and fun, I also (together with my pet humans) release projects and products from time to time. Most of these projects and products are either DIY or non-profit 🙂

Next to this, I will also be publishing lots of articles and information in regards of taking care of us pigeons (as pets).

My Website is not done yet
Please realize that my website is not done yet, and that it will take some time until it’s ‘completely done’, so lots of articles, pages and more of the alike will still be incomplete or contain a notice like ‘Coming Soon‘.

Of course you are (already) welcome to have a look around, but please do keep in mind that pages might still change, relocate or that some pages for example might suddenly become unavailable for a while.

Thank you for your patience and interest,
Sophie The Pigeon

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