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Inflation Correction (from a Pigeon’s Perspective)

Humans have something strange which they call inflation. What do humans do what’s called inflation🤷🏽‍♀️?

Well from how I see it from a pigeons perspective:
Step 1: They raise prices on products (or parts needed to make products).
Step 2: The products prices need to go up because the parts have become more expensive.
Step 3: Humans start complaining that everything is getting more expensive and that they can’t pay it anymore.
Step 4: Companies (need) to raise the paychecks for the humans working there so they can “afford everything again”
Step 5: Companies starting to lose money because the raised paychecks are “cutting into their profits”

So guess what happens after step 5? Yeah they start over at step 1 again😳🤦🏽‍♀️!

How does this affect me as a pigeon? Well the prices of my seeds will go up, the prices of my toys will go up (I seriously need to pay MORE for the same toys BUT I’m not getting anything extra in return for it!! 😡) and my pet humans need to pay more for the electricity of my light(s), camera stuff and my electronic gadgets and trinkets 😳.

How about you silly humans just for the love of peck stop raising the prices 🤦🏽‍♀️? Problem solved right🤔? But heck, what do I know about economy, I’m just a simple pigeon🤷🏽‍♀️

And how does this affect you on my platform, you might ask?
Well I have some ‘sad news’ in regards to my ‘merchandise’: for all items (except for the stickers, magnets and buttons) the prices have gone up a bit. I myself (and neither do my pet humans) have no control over this though! As you might already have read, I do not earn anything from the merchandise, stickers etc ordered through my online-merch-shop. But because they have raised their prices on some products, they also automatically raised the prices on some of my ‘Sophie Merch Items’. Me and my pet humans have updated my own website Collection with the new prices so it (should) reflect the correct prices again 😊

I’m sorry for these ‘strange inflation price changes’, but like I said: I have no control over it, and because my/our profit margin is already literally 0%, we can’t lower my profit margin either to compensate for this inflation thingy.

Hope you’ll still enjoy my cool items though 🥰

Ow and then there is also this by the way:
They also have some other ‘sketchy practice’ which they call Shrinkflation, to me as a pigeon that is just a terrible scam 😳. You know why? Well they do not raise prices on a product [good you might think? HOLD ON!], instead they just put (much) less in the packaging but let you keep paying the same 😱and often even without telling you that you are getting (way) less for the same money, like WHAT??? 😡🤦🏽‍♀️

But that’s a whole different story, let’s not even go there.

Humans are just a very strange specimen😂

PS: One positive thing though: The (bird safety) stickers did not increased in price 🥰

Love and Cuddles,

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