Crochet Sophie The Pigeon Keychain by MadeByMaryleen

Me and my humans have ‘teamed up’ with HandMadeMiniBirdies on Instagram,
and we asked Maryleen if she would be able to make Crochet versions of me.

And as you can see on the photos, she could, and did this perfectly🥰.

Maryleen is from now on making and selling these Officially Licensed Crochet Sophie The Pigeon’s in her Etsy Shop(s).

You can buy one yourself by clicking on the button bellow, but… I would recommend you to first read the information bellow before going to Maryleen’s shop. I promise you that it’s worth it to read it😊

$14,99 / €14,49


Initially I met Maryleen on Instagram when she started following my Pigeon Adventures on my Instagram page, but when I took a look at her Instagram page I quickly noticed that she makes amazing Crochet birds😍!

She actually makes all these birds herself by hand 😱, so I could obviously not resist in convincing my pet humans to ask her to make one of me with all my ‘personal/specific details’ included in it. You can actually read about that part (and me receiving it) on my blog post here .

After some ‘chatting’ with Maryleen we agreed to put the Crochet Sophie The Pigeon’s in Maryleen’s Etsy shop as Officially Licensed Sophie The Pigeon Merchandise so that everyone can buy them 🥰.

Video of me receiving the first Crochet Sophie The Pigeon and ‘testing’ it

If you like you can watch a video on my (shorts) YouTube channel where I receive and unbox my first Crochet Sophie The Pigeon. If you like you can also subscribe to that YouTube channel to see more of my shorts in the future 🥰. The ‘full format video’s’ on that channel will be from my pet humans (about Electronics, DIY, 3D Printing, Programming etc. But sometimes also pigeon/bird related projects🥰). And if you really want to be super awesome and help me to achieve one of my bucket list items (Getting my own “Sophie The Pigeon” YouTube Play button), then please also subscribe to my own YouTube channel where I will (mostly) post my full format pigeon vlogs 🥰

UPDATE: You can see me (vigorsouly🤣) ‘test’ the Crochet Sophie The Pigeon in this video.

All the proceeds go directly to supporting Maryleen’s Shops

We decided that we did not want any ‘revenue/commission/profit’ or whatever from the sales of the ‘Mini Sophie’s’. Maryleen had offered us to stock some of them ourselves so that I could actually sell them myself on my website, and while we absolutely love that she offered that to me, we decided that we wanted to forward all interested buyers to Maryleen’s Etsy Shop directly 🥰. We did this because we can really appreciate people like Maryleen that are putting their passion and hard work into making other people happy with their skills and handmade products🥰.

So if you actually decide to buy one of the Crochet Sophie’s, you are not just getting something as cool as a ‘mini me’ 😉, you are also directly supporting Maryleen and her Etsy shop. And while you are at her shop (to of course order a Crochet Sophie, because you know that you really want one 😜), make sure to also check out one of the many other birds (including pigeons, parrots, budgies and more) she has to offer 🥰.

“Free Bonus Included” with each (Crochet Sophie The Pigeon) order

If you order one or more Crochet Sophie The Pigeon’s we will include one official Sophie The Pigeon Business card 🥰. The included card is actually really my own business card. From time to time we will supply Maryleen with new ones so that she can include them her orders 😊. If you are “just a random visitor” (first of: Hi👋🏽 and welcome🥰 on my website), then you might think “Pfff a ‘free business card’, what the peck?“, but for those whom are actually ordering a Crochet Sophie The Pigeon because they are a fan of me (thank you for that of course🥰), it might actually be a cool thing because it actually comes from me and could be considered as an additional ‘collectible’ 🥰, and otherwise please consider it as a token of appreciation from me (Sophie The Pigeon) personally 🥰.

NOTE: Currently the initial shipment of My Business Cards towards Maryleen is being prepared, and she actually doesn’t have the Business cards in stock yet! so please keep this in mind when already ordering!!!

Euhm, her Etsy shop says that the seller is taking a break!?

Yes that is possible, because sometimes Maryleen gets a lot of orders at once which are made as custom order. This means that she then just has to close the shop for a few days to catch up with the demand (because making these cute birds by hand takes some time of course😉) . No worries though, often she re-opens fairly quickly again, and on her Etsy page you can even click on a button to get notified by email when she has re-opened the shop again🥰. About this topic you can also read more on my blog post by the way.

Who do I contact for questions, about my order, custom orders, delivery etc etc?

Everything goes through Maryleen and/or her shop, we take no credit at all in the Crochet Sophie The Pigeon’s, it’s all 100% made and sold by Maryleen. Me and Maryleen just made a ‘mini promotion collaboration’ together, and we just gave her an ‘Official Sophie The Pigeon Merchandise License‘ to sell them with my (brand) name and ‘signature looks’ 🥰. Everything else is all done, made and handled by Maryleen 😊.

Maryleen’s Pages

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