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“Sophie The Pigeon Bags” with my 8-Bit Sophie Logo on them, great to take your (and your pet human’s) stuff along, and to perch on while you’re bicycling with your human(s).

NOTE: You are NOT ordering any of this merchandise via me or my pet humans, it all goes via the store explained here.

PRICE NOTE: We will try to keep the prices up-to-date, but please understand that we have no control over these prices and that these products are not synced with the store which actually sells them. Same goes for availability, we unfortunately can’t sync information about this.

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  • Sophie The Pigeon 8-Bit Backpack

    With this cool backpack you and your pet humans can go anywhere while taking all the stuff you need along with you :D , it can also carry lots of stuff which your humans might ‘haul into’ their human nest-box (home). And to ‘complete the package’, you can even use it to perch on it while you are bicycling with your human(s), so you can ‘shelter’ from the wind a bit behind their big human heads ;) :D

    The (current) price of Sophie’s Backpack at Spreadshop is:


  • Sophie The Pigeon 8-Bit Gym bag (Drawstring Bag)

    This awesome gym bag is perfect for when you humans go to the gym (or gym-class) and just need a few things like shoes, shorts and a shirt :) It’s obviously also a perfect bag to take with you during a lunch in the park :)

    The (current) price of Sophie’s Shopping bag at Spreadshop is:


  • Sophie The Pigeon 8-Bit Shopping Bag (Tote Bag)

    I guess we all know those (cotton) shopping bags which most stores sell with their own logo or advertising on it? Well why not instead use one with a cute pigeon (like me :P ) on it in a cool retro 8-Bit format? :D

    NOTE: These shopping bags are also called tote bags, these are NOT ‘full sized shopping bags’!

    The (current) price of Sophie’s Shopping bag at Spreadshop is:


  • Sophie The Pigeon 8-Bit Shoulder Bag

    If you don’t want a backpack, but do want something more ‘everyday’ so you can’t use my the tote bag either, what about my shoulder bag then? :)

    The (current) price of Sophie’s Shoulder Bag at Spreadshop is: