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Everything in regards to decorations, pillows and other things like that :)

NOTE: You are NOT ordering any of this merchandise via me or my pet humans, it all goes via the store explained here.

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  • Sophie The Pigeon 8-Bit Baseball Cap

    Do you also from time to time need to ‘hide from the sun’ like I do? How about doing that together with me? With this cool Sophie Baseball Cap you can! :)

    The (current) price for Sophie’s Baseball Cap at Spreadshop is:


  • Sophie The Pigeon 8-Bit Lunchbox

    This super cute lunchbox (what did you expect with me on it? :P ) is super handy to use for your human lunch. I myself love to use it to put all my things in when we go traveling, like my snacks, small water container, my leash connectors and some tissues for if I have a ‘small accident’ ;)

    The (current) price for Sophie’s Lunchbox at Spreadshop is:


  • Sophie The Pigeon 8-Bit Pillow

    This cute pillow is the perfect decorative piece for your bedroom or sofa (even if I say so myself :P ), It comes in several different collors: Black, Light Taupe, Burgundy, Cypress Green and Navy. Ow and before I forget: It’s not hard-and-blocky like my logo ;)

    The (current) price of Sophie’s Shopping bag at Spreadshop is:


  • Sophie The Pigeon 8-Bit Teddy Bear

    Okay, I get it: Everyone wants to cuddle me :P But that is unfortunately not possible. Would this cute teddy bear with me on it in 8-Bit format resolve the ‘cuddling issue’ a bit? :)

    The (current) price for Sophie’s Teddy Bear at Spreadshop is: