Sophie Stickers

“Sophie The Pigeon Stickers” with my 8-Bit Sophie Logo on them.

NOTE: You are NOT ordering any of this merchandise via me or my pet humans, it all goes via the store explained here.

PRICE NOTE: We will try to keep the prices up-to-date, but please understand that we have no control over these prices and that these products are not synced with the store which actually sells them. Same goes for availability, we unfortunately can’t sync information about this.

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  • Sophie The Pigeon 8-Bit Sticker

    This lovely 8-Bit sticker of me is fully transparent and it’s a ‘outline cut out sticker’ (meaning it’s not a square sticker for example)

    Sticker size: 10x10cm
    The (current) price of this sticker at Spreadshop is:

    €1,99 per sticker