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This is a collection of my “tutorials” and (DIY) How-to’s. These will often be downloads as PDF, links to other pages or (links to) video tutorials.

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  • DIY Pigeon Advent Calendar

    My pet humans really wanted me to have my own Advent Calendar for the holidays, but they only had “one problem”:

    All the commercial bird advent calendars which they could find at the local pet-shops where intended for either parrots or parakeets, or they did not even listed what type of bird it was intended for and what kind of snacks where in there.

    So they did what they always do when they encounter the “It’s not available for pigeons problem”: They made one themselves for me :)

    If you want to know how, then quickly scroll down to the information tab bellow.

  • Sophie The Pigeon Harness – A DIY Pigeon Harness

    My pet humans have designed a Do It Yourself (DIY) Harness for pigeons for me. This harness is fairly easy to make at home and could cost you almost nothing (less than $5 to make).

    This Pigeon (Flight) Harness is made from a bra by using the bra straps for the harness itself, then using the rings which usually connect the shoulder straps to the bra as ‘leash connection ring’, and by using one of the (size) adjustment sliders to make the belly band of the harness adjustable and comfortable for your pigeon🥰

    If you want to get started (of find more in depth detailed information) you could go to the website of my pet humans directly by clicking the button bellow, or even directly jump into the video tutorial on my YouTube Channel here 🥰

    If you want to read a (little) bit more ‘background information’ about my harness then please continue reading bellow first 🥰