DIY Pigeon Advent Calendar

My pet humans really wanted me to have my own Advent Calendar for the holidays, but they only had “one problem”:

All the commercial bird advent calendars which they could find at the local pet-shops where intended for either parrots or parakeets, or they did not even listed what type of bird it was intended for and what kind of snacks where in there.

So they did what they always do when they encounter the “It’s not available for pigeons problem”: They made one themselves for me 🙂

If you want to know how, then quickly scroll down to the information tab bellow.


As you might have read in the short description already, my pet humans made a ‘Custom Pigeon Advent Calendar’ for me for the holidays.

They just used a normal (chocolate) advent calendar and ‘modified’ it so it contains snacks for me instead.

They have made an entire YouTube video about how you can do this yourself, so that other pigeons can also enjoy this fun activity during the holidays. So this is basically an how-to make your own Pigeon Advent Calendar. But you can obviously also use it as ‘How-to make your own bird advent calendar’ if you want to use it for any other type of bird (or even an different animal entirely 🙂 ).

You can either watch the video here on my page, or you can click on this link to visit the YouTube page of the video directly.

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Enjoy the tutorial/how-to and happy holidays to everyone 🙂

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