8-Bit Xmas Sophie The Pigeon Ornament

My pet human decided to make this super cute 8-Bit ornament of me wearing a Santa hat 😍

This is also the logo you can see at the end of my Christmas Pigeon Vlogs

You can download it to make it yourself bellow 🥰



My pet human designed these super cute 8-Bit ornaments of me wearing a Santa hat 😍!

You can download it yourself from my pet human’s website, (3D) print it and then paint it yourself if you like 🥰

There are two version in the download: One where I’m walking to the left, and the other one where I’m walking to the right 😊.

Where to download

You can download my 8-Bit Sophie Xmas Ornament Here from the website of my pet humans. It’s 100% free, and you don’t even need to make an account either 😊.

But I don’t have a 3D Printer!

It is very well possible that you don’t own a 3D printer if you are one of my Bird Friends, if you would still like to obtain a physical copy of your (or your birds) ornament(s), then I would recommend to see if there is a local 3D Print shop, or a makerspace which can do this for you, or to visit the following website: https://craftcloud3d.com/ On this website you can upload the desired file and get it printed for a few dollars (excluding shipping). My humans have checked with a few ornaments and it seems to be around $5-$8 per ornament (excluding shipping that is).

NOTE: We do not make ANY profit or earnings if you order via the recommended site, and neither is it a sponsored endorsement! It’s just a site we recommended to help you get started 🙂

When ordering there you can use the settings above, and if you are one of ‘Sophie’s Friends’ and still can’t figure it out, then please don’t hesitate to me via my social media pages (in a private message) and me and my pet humans will try to help you out.

3D Print Information (If you’re 3D Printing them yourself)

Recommended Layer height: 0.2mm
Adhesion: Recommended none, otherwise use a brim (but this does mean quite some extra cleaning and ‘post-print-cutting’
Orientation: As in file
Recommended Material: PLA
Estimated Print Time: About 18 minutes
Estimated Required Filament: About 0.50m average

Additional 3D Printing tip
I would recommend to print them in PLA White. Simply because this (most of the time) gives the best color results when you paint them, and this also saves you quite some time on the white parts of the ornament/keychain.

Please read the license! It is not allowed to use this logo or ornament for any commercial purposes, it is not allowed to redistribute it, and it’s not allowed to ‘remix’ it (use it in/for your own work) either. These are available for your own personal use only.