Sophie’s Christmas Name Ornaments (3D Print)

My humans made these amazing Christmas Ornaments with my name in them for me 🥰

However, they did not stop there! They also made these ornaments for lots of our friends, family and even my X and Instagram friends!

And the best of all? They can all be downloaded FOR FREE 😍! If you want to download my ornaments, or check if your name (or bird name) is among the downloads, then quickly scroll down to the description to find out more🥰!



My pet humans decided to make some Christmas ornaments with my name in them. Later they decided to ‘expand’ this idea to include the names of friends, family, my X Friends, my Instagram friends and even some of my dog friends.

And here we are, several weeks later: There are now over 70 different name ornaments in three styles available 😍

There is a one which has a bow on top, one which has the Classic Christmas ornament shape, and one especially themed for dogs.

If you can click one of the names bellow, it means that it’s an (online) Bird friend of me 🥰 and you will then go to their page (in a new tab/browser).

Where to download

NOTE: Check which names are on which ornaments in the lists bellow if you are looking for specific names 🥰
Classic Christmas Ornament download
Christmas Ornaments with Bow download
Dog Themed Christmas Ornament download

The Names in the Classic Christmas Ornaments

Download these here in one download (including a blank one without name).
(X – TeilLady)
Barni (X – Momo and Barni)
Billy (X)
Clinton (X)
Culver (X – Pigeon Son of Oliver and Gracie)
Ezra(X – Emma and Ezra)
Henry (Instagram)
Hercules (Instagram –
Kermit (X – TeilLady)
Little Cloud (X – MyWiseEyes1)
Mellow (X – Mellow And Gimli)
Momo(X – Momo and Barni)
Niko (X – Niko The Budgie)
Nutella(Instagram –
Oliver (X – Oliver and Gracie)
Oreo (Instagram – –
PapaPi (X – Sub-Zero)
Punkin (X – TeilLady)
Smokey (X – TeilLady)
Snappy (X – Sub-Zero)
Snowflake (X, Extra note: This is the oldest dove alive that I personally know!)
Sophie (My name of course 😉 )
Steve (X)
Woody (Instagram)
Zebby (X)

The Names in the Christmas Ornaments with Bow

Download these here in one download (including a blank one without name).
Boepie (Instagram)
Charlie (Instagram)
Dee (Instagram)
Emma (X – Emma  and Ezra)
Gimli (X – Mellow And Gimli)
Gracie (X – Oliver and Gracie)
HP (X – MyWiseEyes1)
Jupiter (Instagram – Ziggys Loft)
Kiwi (X – Niko The Budgie)
Ladybug (X – Sub-Zero)
Masha (X)
Paya (Instagram)
Pepper (X) / Pepper (Instagram –
Philippa (X)
Pippa (X – the short/friends name of Philippa)
Sophie (My name of course 😉 )
Sunny (X – Niko The Budgie)
Wendy (X)
Yuca (Instagram YucaBirb)

The Names in the Christmas Ornaments with Dog Theme

Download these here in one download (including a blank one without name).
Lexy (Instagram)

What if my name or my bird’s/dog’s name isn’t in the list?

Well that depends:
– If you where a friend of me on either X or Instagram already BEFORE this publication was made (December 12th 2023) and we have regular interaction (not just liking but actual interaction as in: commenting, conversations in comments and/or private chats), then you can send me a Direct/Private message and I will ask my pet humans to add your bird’s name to the collection (a maximum of 5 names though, doing entire aviaries is just an impossible task to start 😂!). If your (Bird’s) names currently aren’t in the list does NOT mean that we have forgotten you or that we don’t value you and your birds, doing these 70+ names was just A LOT of work already to start with 🥰.
– If you where not (yet) a friend of me on either X or Instagram before this publication was made, then you can download the desired design and use the file 0. Blank – No Name.stl  to edit it and add your own name(s) to it using TinkerCad for example.

Will you (or your pet humans 😉) also add other animals (like cats, dogs etc) to the collection up-on-request?
No, sorry we wont. This is not to exclude anyone, but if my pet humans would do this, then it would most likely become a ‘free ornament design factory’ rather fast. So we just can’t and won’t do this (this also goes for friends whom where friends before the ‘requirement date’).

A small ‘mini explanation’  on how to add your own name(s) to the blank ornaments
NOTE: This short explanation assumes that you have some basic editing skills in images, and that you have
some basic TinkerCad skills/know-how

1. Use an image editing program like GIMP or Photoshop to ‘write’ the desired name with an Handwriting font (which means that ALL letter are attached to each other), and then export it as black text on a white background.
2. Convert the exported file to an SVG (vector image) using an online tool like for example:  or:
3. In TinkerCad import the blank stl and also import the SVG you just created, from there you should be able to merge the two into one with a bit of ‘sizing and placement’ 🙂

But I don’t have a 3D Printer!

It is very well possible that you don’t own a 3D printer if you are one of my Bird Friends, if you would still like to obtain a physical copy of your (or your birds) ornament(s), then I would recommend to see if there is a local 3D Print shop, or a makerspace which can do this for you, or to visit the following website: On this website you can upload the desired file and get it printed for a few dollars (excluding shipping). My humans have checked with a few ornaments and it seems to be around $5-$8 per ornament (excluding shipping that is).

NOTE: We do not make ANY profit or earnings if you order via the recommended site, and neither is it a sponsored endorsement! It’s just a site we recommended to help you get started 🙂

When ordering there you can use the settings above, and if you are one of ‘Sophie’s Friends’ and still can’t figure it out, then please don’t hesitate to me via my social media pages (in a private message) and me and my pet humans will try to help you out.

3D Print Information (If you’re 3D Printing them yourself)

Recommended Layerheight: 0.2mm
Adhesion: Brim
Orientation: As in file
Recommended Material: PLA
Estimated Print Time: About 2 hours and 35 minutes average
Estimated Required Filament: About 4.5m average

NOTE: The print time and required filament are depending on the name in the ornament, on average its about 2 hours and 35 minutes for each ornament

Additional 3D Printing tip
If you want to paint them, then I would recommend you to print them in PLA White. Simply because this (most of the time)
gives the best color results when you paint them.